Monday, September 14, 2009

Module 1 Printz Award Book: Repossessed By A. M. Jenkins

Title: Repossessed
Author: A. M. Jenkins
Publisher: HarperTeen Reprint edition (December 30, 2008)
ISBN: 0060835702

Critical Analysis:

found this book engaging! I started reading this book and I could not put it down until I finished it. The format was easy to follow and would be enjoyed by both male and female teens. For example, the fallen angel named Kiriel who possessed Shawn's body experienced many situations that teens could understand. These included sexual experiences, friendships, divorced parents and social groups in school.

When Kiriel came face to face with a bully named Reed in the school cafeteria, Kiriel gave insight into why Reed acted this way. This made me as the reader feel empathy for Reed because he was refusing the help Kiriel offered to avoid many years of torment for his soul. This event was very thought provoking and I feel this could be a sort of learning experience for teens in the same situation.

This book was also very funny at times which would help keep the reader engaged. For example, when Kiriel got busted by the "angel of the Lord" in an AOL chat room that was hilarious! Even Kiriel was surprised to get busted via the internet! I especially enjoyed Kiriel's definition of american curse words being related to natural bodily functions and how he didn't understand why they were offensive.

In conclusion, this book was a very enjoyable and a fast read. The text format flowed very well and was engaging. The story ended with Kiriel experiencing Shawn's death of being hit by the truck, so he could leave Shawn's body and Shawn was given a second chance at life.

Review Excerpts:
Horn Book (The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2008)

"Tired of tormenting the damned, fallen angel Kiriel hijacks a human body. The novelty of life as a corporeal being, specifically slacker teen Shaun, fascinates Kiriel, whose descriptions of human experiences--from eating and bathing to handling a bully and lusting after a girl--are both funny and affecting in this provocative novel. Category: Older Fiction. 2007, HarperTeen, 218pp, 15.99, 16.89. Ages 12 to 14. Rating: 3: Recommended, satisfactory in style, content, and/or illustration" Retrieved from the Children's Literature Database (Accessed September 10, 2009).


Michael L Printz Award, 2008.
Golden Spur Award Honor Book (Texas)
Cybils, 2007.


After search the internet, I found a wonderful group of discussion questions that were created for this book. You can access these questions by clicking on: (accessed on September 10, 2009). There are about 14 discussion questions and 5 extention acivities that would be great to use in order to get teens to think outside the box especially in the area of religion!

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