Thursday, March 24, 2011

Science Poetry: The Tree that Time Built


Hoberman, M, & Winston, L. (2009). The tree that time built: a celebration of nature, science, and imagination. Napperville, IL: Sourcebooks, Inc. Illustrations by Barbara Fortin. ISBN: 9781402225178.


Hoberman and Winston created a wonderful anthology inspired by the works of Charles Darwin. The poems in this text are spread out into nine sections that compliment nature and science. These sections are titled, "Oh, Fields of Wonder, The Sea is Our Mother, Prehistoric Praise, Think Like a Tree, Meditations of a Tortoise, Some Primal Termite, Everything that Lives Wants to Fly, I am the Family Face and Hurt No Living Thing." The poems that are included display many poetic form such as verse, concrete, shape, haiku, etc. The poems presented have good rhythm and rhyming. Some poems have accompanying footnotes that provide additional insight on the subject and creator of the poem. The book also includes a glossary, short biographies of the poets and a CD where you are given the opportunity to hear some of the poems read aloud. This book was an engaging fast read and would compliment science curriculums in an educational setting.



Pollywiggle Wet skin
Pollywog Cold blood
Tadpole Squats in
Bullfrog Mucky mud
Leaps on Leaps on
Long legs Long legs
Jug-o-rum Jug-o-rum
Jelly eggs Jelly eggs
Sticky tongue Laid in
Trick flies Wet bog...
Spied by Pollywiggle
Flicker eyes Pollywog.

Introducing the Poem:
This poem has wonderful rhythm and really helps to reinforce the frog species for a science lesson. I would have children close their eyes and visualize the words of the poem. In addition, I would instruct the children to draw what they visualized in their journals.

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