Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hopkins Award Poetry: Jazz


Myers, W.D. (2006). Jazz. New York, NY: Holiday House. Illustrated by Christopher Myers. ISBN: 0823415457.


Myers presents a wonderfully illustrated book on the journey of "Jazz". The text includes an introduction, fifteen poems, glossary of jazz terms and a jazz time line. Each poem's format is easy to follow and the combination of word play with the colorful illustrations make this book a fun read! The reader will find the glossary of jazz terms very helpful while reading the poems because one is able to understand the terminology used. The illustrations compliment the accompanying poem and help bring the poem to life. Teachers will appreciate the historical information about jazz throughout the text. Children will enjoy the rhythm that each poem reflects and appreciate how music can be brought to life through poetry. Fun book!



Thum, thum, thum, and
I feel the ocean rhythm
Thum, thum, thum, and
I feel the midnight passion humming.

Introducing the Poem:

This poem has wonderful rhythm and I would have children mimic the rhythm using different musical instruments (drums, tamborines, and rubberbands). This will allow children to experiment with a poem's rhythm using musical instruments, thus understanding how music can be used to accompany and bring life to a poem.

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