Thursday, April 21, 2011

Janeczko Collection: Blushing: Expressions of Love in Poems & Letters


Janeczko, P. B. (2004). Blushing: expressions of love in poems & letters. New York, NY: Orchard Books. ISBN: 0439530563.


Janeczko presents a wonderful poetry collection paying tribute the many stages of love. Divided into five sections, "The Beginning of Love; In Love; Alone in Love; The End of Love and Remembering Love." Readers are treated to the poetry works of Shakespeare, Donne, Dickinson, Angelou and many more famous poets throughout the text that are sure to attract readers of all ages. The format of the text is easy to follow and the touches of pink give this text a romantic appeal. Janeczko provided an excellent combination of classic poems and new poems to please any reader. Readers will be able to make a connection with many poems presented in this book and reminisce back to the times when he or she had a crush, fell in love, and broke up. This book would be a nice addition to any romantics collection.


"Deep in Love"

Deep in love
cheek leaning on cheek we talked
of whatever came to our minds
just as it came
with our arms twined
tightly around us
and the hours passed and we
did not know it
still talking when
the night had gone

Introducing the Poem:

This is a delightful poem to read to older high school students and have them journal a poem about a first crush or first love they have experienced. I would instruct the students to close their eyes an imagine back to this time and pick a specific memory relating to their experience (weather, smells, scenery, etc.) and to write a poem expressing their feelings in association to this memory.

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